Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear

About This Game:

Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear is a retro 8bit game in which you only have 10 seconds to make your moves to finish a level. The game offers minimalistic graphics of a range of 5-color-art and a retro-style of sound fx.

In game you play mother bear and you need to find and rescue your little bear cub kidnapped by tourists.

At the moment you can download the alpha demo-version of "Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear" where you get into the story (including "secret words" - try to solve them!) and a few amount of the first 15 levels of the game.

From this link you can download Alpha Demo of the Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear



This game will throw you into a harsh world where your opponents don't show mercy. So, you have to rescue your kid at all costs!

Ideas for improving my game? Write to me below here - I read all messages. Thank you! :)

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