sobota, 13 lutego 2016


It is game with a 8 bit graphics mixed with intestines of wild cow. Yes wild cow !
Your mom name Gertrud needs your help to born new baby into this world, so why you waiting for help her.

Playing in cool 3 different game modes

Mode A : Dance (here you will possess power of "999+ brain focus " by remembering different pattern of mom movements )

Mode B : Run ( your mom go to hospital and need many vaccine to survive find them all , but
remember not every child is good some are bad )

Mode C : Born kids ( finally you will born some
children , here you will travel around the globe, time, and space only to born some babies )

Over time the game will have new " brainwash " mode

Here's the story : 

Boy : Summary ?
Mom : There is no need to summarize the game son.
Boy : Mom why ?
Mom :Don't ask !! If you will not vote for this you will be disconnected from internet
Boy : Nooo Mom Noo internet
Mom : VOTE NOW !

sobota, 16 stycznia 2016

Silver Knight is a unique isometric mini-RPG with randomized enemy spawn placement that offers a challenging new experience each time you play.
Any second can become your last in this dangerous land. Think twice before making your move — lives are extremely hard to come by in these parts.

But above all, remember; the Black Knight must die.

Key Features

- 30+ enemies, with beautiful designs and varying abilities.
- Over 4 bosses.
- Rooms packed with eggs and boxes !
- A new experience each time!
- Gallons of Pixel blood !
- Hidden item shop for your Knight.
- Secret bosses.

I made this game for you! Join me my friend, and find your princess!

~ Wojciech Krupinski

Now  game is  avalible on STEAM

Press Contact by e-mail :

or  by facebook :

piątek, 24 maja 2013

Hi my folks , today i will show you next image :P form " 30 days "

Hi my folks ,  today i will show  you  next image :P  form  " 30 days "
As  you can see i add more graphics , most of the time I spend   coding   so if  you  have any idea  for  this  project please  be glad  tell me hehe :)  thanks take  care