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Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear

About This Game:

Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear is a retro 8bit game in which you only have 10 seconds to make your moves to finish a level. The game offers minimalistic graphics of a range of 5-color-art and a retro-style of sound fx.

In game you play mother bear and you need to find and rescue your little bear cub kidnapped by tourists.

At the moment you can download the alpha demo-version of "Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear" where you get into the story (including "secret words" - try to solve them!) and a few amount of the first 15 levels of the game.

From this link you can download Alpha Demo of the Tourists Kidnapped a Little Bear



This game will throw you into a harsh world where your opponents don't show mercy. So, you have to rescue your kid at all costs!

Ideas for improving my game? Write to me below here - I read all messages. Thank you! :)

PS. You can check PREGNANCY WITH YOUR MOM SIMULATOR - available on SteamGreenlight

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It is game with a 8 bit graphics mixed with intestines of wild cow. Yes wild cow !
Your mom name Gertrud needs your help to born new baby into this world, so why you waiting for help her.

Playing in cool 3 different game modes

Mode A : Dance (here you will possess power of "999+ brain focus " by remembering different pattern of mom movements )

Mode B : Run ( your mom go to hospital and need many vaccine to survive find them all , but
remember not every child is good some are bad )

Mode C : Born kids ( finally you will born some
children , here you will travel around the globe, time, and space only to born some babies )

Over time the game will have new " brainwash " mode

Here's the story : 

Boy : Summary ?
Mom : There is no need to summarize the game son.
Boy : Mom why ?
Mom :Don't ask !! If you will not vote for this you will be disconnected from internet
Boy : Nooo Mom Noo internet
Mom : VOTE NOW !

sobota, 16 stycznia 2016

Silver Knight is a unique isometric mini-RPG with randomized enemy spawn placement that offers a challenging new experience each time you play.
Any second can become your last in this dangerous land. Think twice before making your move — lives are extremely hard to come by in these parts.

But above all, remember; the Black Knight must die.

Key Features

- 30+ enemies, with beautiful designs and varying abilities.
- Over 4 bosses.
- Rooms packed with eggs and boxes !
- A new experience each time!
- Gallons of Pixel blood !
- Hidden item shop for your Knight.
- Secret bosses.

I made this game for you! Join me my friend, and find your princess!

~ Wojciech Krupinski

Now  game is  avalible on STEAM

Press Contact by e-mail :

or  by facebook :

piątek, 24 maja 2013

Hi my folks , today i will show you next image :P form " 30 days "

Hi my folks ,  today i will show  you  next image :P  form  " 30 days "
As  you can see i add more graphics , most of the time I spend   coding   so if  you  have any idea  for  this  project please  be glad  tell me hehe :)  thanks take  care