piątek, 24 maja 2013

Hi my folks , today i will show you next image :P form " 30 days "

Hi my folks ,  today i will show  you  next image :P  form  " 30 days "
As  you can see i add more graphics , most of the time I spend   coding   so if  you  have any idea  for  this  project please  be glad  tell me hehe :)  thanks take  care

środa, 1 maja 2013

niedziela, 28 kwietnia 2013

Lets play Anki

Hi everyone here you can watch a new 2  movie

Lets play Anki: FUN PUZZLE GAME!(1)

    creating by : Cahd Gamez
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And below you can see second  greate movie 

Let's Play Anki (Demo)

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piątek, 26 kwietnia 2013

New project code name is " 30 days "

Few weeks ago I simply start making new project code name is " 30 days " I can say  you will need use your  brain.

Ps. You can  download a wallpaper size 1200x720 .

sobota, 6 kwietnia 2013

ANKI you can also help .

Hi my name is  Wojciech Krupinski i'm indie game  developer :) simply i'm  the one guy who creating  "ANKI" It is a platform/puzzle/adventure/teleport game for PC

So you  reading  my words  and  thinking maybe  what  this mean  30 %  goes to charity water.This mean  that  each time  you buy " ANKI "  on my webiste 30 % this  money at the end of each month go to http://www.charitywater.org. (I DONATE ) Simply help bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.Imagine that 1/9 people i our world  doesn''t have  access  to the  water is scary fact . You probably now  drinking some water, if  not you will  and  for you  it is normal  things go to the kitchen and take clean  water Yes??? Well  please watch this movie just ......




ANKI Creator  Wojciech Krupinski

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piątek, 22 marca 2013

Anki is available Now

Hi finally after 8 months of work Anki is available,  in the full version for PC .
  currently through PayPal payment, that will cost  you only 2 Euro soon will be  more shops.

Anki offers you :

- 50  unique   levels

- Teleportation in all  direction

- 3 lvls of  difficulty

- shop where you can unlock new lvl

- 5 different amazing music that make  you more happy today

And ofcourse Anki will  kick your ass kindly


ANKI Creator  Wojciech Krupinski

piątek, 15 marca 2013

Anki news for you

Welcom my friends  last months  ago i say  that  "ANKI" will be  avalible  in 15.03.2013  but i still  testing a game and  fixing  little  errors .  So ANKI  will be   avalible in 22.03.2013 < seven  days  later >  if all things  go  correct  ^^

below  you can see 

 Game status :

 Graphics = 99% done
sound = 100 % done 
bugs  , errors = 99 %  fixed 
controls =100% done
 story = 100 % done
 bonus  lvls = 100% done 
another things  = 99 % done 

Full status 99,7% done

piątek, 8 marca 2013

Anki 2d indie developer diary #10 ( artwork + fan movie )

Welcome my friends, last  days  i was  creating  a  new monsters  that  you can see below. That kind of  monsters will be  avalible on ANKI Hard mode the will kill  you  kill  you  ass many times  as  you can possibly  imagin :)alsoi was  fixing a random errors  and  creating  a music  but  this musci i will show  you next time  now  you can see monsters:) 

feel  free  to ask if  you have any question about "Anki"

Greetings CEO Wojciech Krupinski 

Anki bat monsters

Also  i  add  new fans movie


Let's Look at: Anki   by    MaryKateAnPLAY


środa, 6 marca 2013

Let's Show - Anki creating by : Stadtfuchs1

Hi everyone here you can watch a new movie

Let's Test Anki Demo

creating by Stadtfuchs1

See the channel and as always leave something behind a sub, comment, like

Click  for  subscribe his  YT http://www.youtube.com/user/Stadtfuchs1?feature=watch

sobota, 2 marca 2013

New Artwork developer diary #9

Welcome my friends, last  days  i was  very busy  to  finishing a story for "ANKI". Below  you can see  one  of the  artwork that will be in game . I  still working to creating  a  new  lvl desing :)  so  keep  thumbs  up  soon  "Anki"  will,  arive on  your  PC/Linux  systems . 


Anki beta v.3.13 NEW!!! Version
Anki beta v.3.13
Anki demo beta 23.12
Anki demo 

wtorek, 19 lutego 2013

Anki developer diary #8

Hey  Today i  gonna show  you a new  artwork  that will be in game  .Few days  ago i start polishing things  such  as  a  controls, sound , portals, story ect.  I think Anki will be relase  30 days later  so  take thumbs  my  friends  Anki will  be on your PC/Linux   in 15.03.2013 if  all  thinks  go  correct .Below you can see  a  simple status form   game .

Anki movie

 Game status :

 Graphics = 95% done
sound = 10 % done 
bugs  , errors = 75 %  fixed 
controls =99% done
 story = 60 % done
 bonus  lvls = 50% done 
another things  = 40 % done 

Full status  85% done

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